Assignment 1


It's Friday night. You don't know what to wear. The occasion: a friend's party. You have to leave in three minutes. You know your closet is filled with great outfits - if they weren't great, you wouldn't have bought them in the first place! You've been to plenty of parties before and yet again, you find yourself in the same predicament every time. What do you wear?There was that outfit that you wore last week... but maybe someone would notice you. That wouldn't be good. You know what I need? A way to organize my outfits.Something so chic and awesome that I can find the perfect outfit every time I go to any of my regular events.

Target users: People who like to wear clothes. People who struggle with finding the perfect outfit. People just like YOU. The main audience would be women but also men could use this app to impress the ladies.


We plan to make a mobile-optimized website, using a back end in PHP and MySQL that allows you to photograph your outfit and store it in a database of outfits. This database is called the “My Occasions” library.

Basically, the application works like this. You find an outfit that looks and feels great, and then you take a picture of it with the application. You enter the type of the pieces of clothing in the outfit (e.g.shirts, pants, jackets, etc.) and then tag the photo with three critical attributes: the time you wore it, the category of the outfit (for example:formal, party), and the temperature range when it’s appropriate to wear.

Once you do this with a collection of outfits, you’re ready to start using the app. Just select an occasion and a temperature range, and the app will filter down your wardrobe to the perfect outfit(s) for the occasion.

This way when the event that you’re attending occurs again,you can look through the outfits you wore in the past and have them ready to go in a minute. Also, since you recorded the last time you wore the outfit in the application, it allows the user to avoid wearing the same outfit too often or to the same location.


Esther worked as the Project Manager, giving ideas and concepts for the application. She also created the design mock up. Emily worked as the designer, making the team website and arranging photos and text. Conor worked as Software Architect, proposing platforms to build the application. So far, we've decided on a web application that can be accessed from a desktop web browser as well as popular mobile browsers to allow for a cross-platform clothing experience. As far as design and programming are concerned, we’re looking into a PHP/MySQL back end to store the images in a database, with a  web application to extract them and display them for the user.