Assignment 8


See our (revised) prototype at

Usability Test Report

Here is the link to our survey.

The Question:

What do you think about the usability and purpose of the OutfITerator application?

What Participants Did:

We began by reading the participant the briefing. Then we provided the participant with the prototype and the survey. We allowed them to interact with the prototype and answer the survey questions on their own without giving input or guidance unless they asked.

What Data we Collected:

Below are a few graphs of the data we collected from our survey.


What Users Found Confusing:

  • "I did not understand that "filter" meant finding an outfit."
  • "Too much text on homescreen"
  • "Wooden closet is cool but kind of old fashioned"
  • "The "add tag" button is a little weird looking/doesn't fit with theme"

What Users Liked Best:

  • "I enjoyed the intuitive interface and brilliant name."
  • "I like the closet look."
  • "LOVE THE IDEA - i would totally use it!!!"
  • "I like how there are set tags and how you can also add your own."